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Kayode Alamu

Good job friend. Most youths who married hurriedly to sexual desires ended up being disappointed because the business of marriage far outweigh sex. The mind which is our greatest sex organ is so occupied with very important matters and issue of family life that the least thing to think of is sex. If you don’t believe, just wait and see. Discipline is the key. Start now if you have mess yourself up.

Omotesho Abosede

I really love your words encouragement for the youth. I did my wedding last week Saturday and it was glorious. I appreciate God who had helped my husband and I to wait for our making. We were both virgin. Sex is a great experience meant for couples that really waited for their own time. I agree with u that waiting time is not wasting time, it is making time and there is nothing like altar blessing.

Olamide, Lagos.

Pornography and masturbation has been part of my life. I started as a teenager in the boarding school. I do watch pornography with my colleagues at school. I became so addicted to it that it resulted to masturbation. I found it difficult to control my sexual urge. I couldn’t tell my parent. Fortunately for me I listened to the Right Sexuality Network program of BLISSFUL RELATIONSHIP on the radio. I was taken through a counseling session. That was the end of it all. I became free from sexual perversion. I give thanks to God.

Adi Oluwakemi

You are a blessing to this generation sir. Lots of people are always acquiring knowledge from your God’s given talent day by day. You have impacted in people positively. My prayer for you is that God will perfect everything that concerns you in Jesus name

Mechane Nee

Amen and amen. Sexual lust has sent many to early grave, populated hell and that is is the only device the enemy is using to deceive many people. Don’t be deceived; sexual lust is a very bad sin that can cut short glory no matter how long you had been born again. Thanks for sharing and God bless you

Mrs Folashade Aibinuola, Abuja

Blissful Relationship is a wonderful family. Teachings here have shaped my life more than before and it has added more bliss and honey to my relationship. During my last year birthday my husband said that he wants me to celebrate my next birthday under his roof as his wedded wife. I told him how possible is that when we haven’t even had any concrete decision for wedding. I never believed it can be so possible and easy like that. But to God be the glory, with God all things are possible and He made it possible for us as we asked. Praise the Lord… Halleluyah-

Christian, Lagos

My sexual challenge was lust. I had the spirit of lust in me. I have been fighting this for years but it kept killing me inside because I couldn’t help myself. Whenever I see my fiancée what I think of is sex. I was obsessed with sex. I saw the newsletter of Right Sexuality Network of BLISSFUL RELATIONSHIP in a fast-food restaurant, reading through it transformed my life. I was touched and called for counseling. My encounter with God at Right Sexuality Network of BLISSFUL RELATIONSHIP changed my life. I am now free from lust. To God be the glory.

Tobi, Lagos

This ministry has been of great help to me. I am so glad for your advice. I now know the truth on sex and sexuality which had set me free. I will make use of your advice. Since the day you called me I have seen some changes in me. And I knew I feel new with great energy to push forward. Thanks once again, you are a blessing to me.

Pleasant (Member)

“Thanks for making so much impact in my life last year.I await more of the inspiration and impartation this year. God bless you so much for me”


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