Often times people have been deceived about this. Sex has been a major issue in the life of teenagers and some adults. Our society has made us believe that once one is 18 or above and don’t have sex, probably something is wrong with the person or the person is not yet matured.

Some have become victims to this lie and some singles accept to have sex because they believe it makes them matured. Some have been abused, condemned by friends and colleagues simply because they refuse to yield to this lie. What have sex got to do with maturity?

But a man who commits adultery have no sense; whoever does so destroys himself. (Proverbs 6:32).

Note, the word adultery is not only referring to married people. Generally it is talking about sex outside the umbrella of marriage. Anytime you want to have sex to prove that you are matured, the above scripture is saying that you are destroying yourself. However, it is within your jurisdiction to choose destruction or life.

Painfully enough, our society has unwrapped the sacredness of sex and made it a thing that can be easily accessed by all. Abstinence is fast becoming old fashioned but the message of sticking with one partner is gaining ground since we believe that the body is not firewood. Have you accepted the message of sticking to one partner and enjoying sex without marriage in other not to be seen as a fool?

May be society has made you to forsake the order God gave about sex. If I were you, I would rather choose the standard of God instead of the revised version. Of what benefit can you get trying to prove to the society that you can do it and end up with diseases or unwanted pregnancy? Think twice dear.

It’s better to be a fool without any sickness than trying to be wise at the expense of your own body, destiny and soul. Remember the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God, 1Corinthians 1:21.

Of whom shall we believe? The Creator or the created? The choice you make will determine how good or bad your posterity would look like. You maybe seen by friends as the most immature person now but l am pretty sure that they will later realize you are the most matured person in their midst when they see the difference.

People can only encourage you or tell you how immature you are if you don’t have sex but they will never partake in the consequences that would come after. You alone is going to face what ever comes from it.

Sex is holy and shouldn’t be given to anyone that doesn’t deserve it. The only person that has the right or privilege to unwrap God’s gift of sex in you is just your legal husband or wife.

If you’re a victim, I am not judging or condemning you but rather to tell you the biblical truth in other to help you stand. Will you continue to be a victim or will you allow the truth to set you free? Yes! Sex is not a proof of maturity.

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