TEXTUAL FOCUS: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” – Matthew 22:39b
Love is a command. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. However, if you don’t love your neighbor that you can see, how can you love God that you do not see?
The following helps you to know how to love your neighbor.
1. Understand God’s word. An understanding of God’s word will enable you to know how love was expressed and you can love your neighbor as yourself. Take time to study His word and see how love was described and expressed in the word.
2. Be filled with God’s Spirit. Loving your neighbor is so important because it is the second most important sign of your saving faith in God. However, the Holy Spirit must be in you to do this. The Holy Spirit enables you to love your neighbor the way you love God.
3. Know Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus, it will be impossible to really love your neighbor. Knowing Jesus is not by being religious, it’s by having a personal relationship and encounter with Him.
4. Be ready to give. If you want to love your neighbor as Christ loves you, you must see every relationship as an opportunity to give rather than rob. Rather than leave people emotionally, physically, financially, or psychologically drained after a visit, you must seek to care for them and give to them rather than take only.
MEDITATION: Do I really love my neighbor as myself?
PRAYER: O LORD, help me to obey Your commandment to my neighbor.
CONFESSION: Father, I receive the ability to love my neighbor as You have commanded.



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