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Text: For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.

Man, you are under attack. What you call fun, pleasure outside marriage (sex) is a hunt for your soul. Yes, I mean your soul; your precious life. I didn’t say it, God said it.

In fact, He further said- it reduces you to a piece of bread. I hope someone understands what am saying and seeing. Don’t let the world deceive you or some Christian sect who belittle sexual immorality. They will tell you it doesn’t matter, God will over look, grace will cover you, God has forgiven you all your future sins so keep wallowing in sins and sexual immorality, you are immune to sexual immortality, so it won’t affect you. I can keep mentioning all these lies on and on as told me by people.

You see, God in both old and New Testament condemn sexual immorality. Even Jesus through Apostle Paul condemned it over and over again. As said by our text above- you become a piece of bread by indulging in sexual immorality. Do you know what it means to be a piece of bread. Not even a whole bread but a piece, Hmm, personally, am yet to come in terms with this.

That’s means sexual immorality cuts you short in every capacity of life: spiritually, financially. maritally, health wise, destiny, etc. It cuts become pieces- fragments. You become a shadow of yourself.

For you to become a bread, what God is saying is that- you become a prey or victim to the world and predator, the devil, his agents, etc. That’s why the other part of that verse said- “the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.” It’s your precious life that’s being hunted. You see this is not a joke. It’s a matter of your life, destiny and eternity.

Some folk  came to me for counseling to overcome sexual immorality but they never took it serious again. While some don’t even bother at all . It’s better you had not been in this group than being in this group and still being giving excuses for sexual immorality in your life.  Except you want to be a pieces of bread for the rest of your life and at the end your precious life being hunted.

Dear beloved take heed to yourself. A lot is at stake by indulging in sexual immorality. Anytime you do it, what you are simply telling yourself is- “I AM A PIECE OF BREAD.” Am sure you don want to be anymore.

Run to God for help today. Come for counseling and help from God . By Gods grace my life is a living testimony and God has given me the commission through this ministry to set the captives free.

It’s your turn for freedom. Make hay while the sun shines.

Jesus loves your. Give him your life. Shalom!!!

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