“…I charge you. Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires” – Songs of Solomon 8:4,

Waiting time is not a wasting time. It is a making time- Abiodun Aremo

Sex is meant to be waited for and not to be rushed into. Sexual misconduct is like a man rushing to enter a moving bus. He can be crushed by it.

There is time for everything under the heaven of which love and sex are part. Devil’s ordained sex which is sex outside marriage will ruin you, while God’s ordained sex which is sex celebrated in holy marriage is a blessing. You ve got to wait for sex in marriage so that your destiny will not be destroyed. It is animals that sleeps around. Which you are not. You were created in God’s image. Waiting time is not a wasting time. It is a making time. it is a time God makes you towards discovering your purpose on earth, become matured, develop character, complete your education, get source(s) of income and then marriage.

People may say “others are doing it” or tell you “you are not in vogue”. Don’t succumb to such deceit as Esau was deceived by Jacob to sell his birthright, (Genesis 25:30-33, 27:33-35); which he regretted severely. He was replaced with Jacob as stated in Matthew 1:2b. Sexual purity is your birth right, therefore; it is worth waiting for.

May be you are under pressure to indulge in sex outside marriage. Or you are already in it. Can you imagine a man digging his own burial grave? That might be your case. I know a lot of people today that are regretting there lack of sexual discipline. Some had to do forced marriage, suffer health problems, abortion, drop-out, lose multi-million business deals, etc. The cost of sexual indiscipline is more and far, far expensive than the short lived “enjoyment”. God said “flee youthful lust”, 2 Timothy 2:22.

Waiting for sex in marriage is a sign of respect and dignity on your personality. It helps you build discipline and character. Above all, it is what God made you to be.

Receive grace to keep the bed undefile in Jesus name.

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