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What a Wow feeling! I feel good.. (singing and dancing). This how I feel when am thinking of my royal pie Louis. He has been good to me. Praise God!! (she laughed sarcastically at the mirror)

We have been friends for the past 3years, we are so close to each other. I love him to the moon. I can’t wait for him to put the ring on my finger.


I just logged into my Facebook, I saw on his status: NA DEM DEY RUSH US.
I dropped my phone in anger soliloquising to myself. Who is rushing my Louis? Oh! Louis even had the guts to publicize other ladies interest? I know he is very handsome and masculine, but, he is mine, and mine only. My husband….(sobbing)
I will do something about it.


Prior to this time we have not had sex, . Am still a virgin. I thought within myself that it’s because we have not had sex that’s why. I decided to give him my virginity. I visited him at night, he said he was tired from work, he decided to sleep. I took advantage of him and loose my virginity to him. I became confident that no one will rush my “rusher” any more.


Being that I was a virgin, I really don’t know much about sex, but I was really determined to SOW into Louis life seed of pleasurable sex so that I can REAP his love. In other to give this mind blowing “SEX OFFERING” to Louis I resulted to watching pornography.

After watching, I will do the practical with Louis, he was so excited. He told me sweet things I really love to hear. I was feeling like a Superhuman. Am the sex machine Louis can never find my type, he is mine for life.
Because of my quest to satisfy Louis sex life, I became a porn addict because I look forward to watching the latest porn for more sex tips.


I came to visit Louis on this fateful night. he look so excited. The whole room was well decorated like love dinner section. I was shocked, so I asked, what is the celebration for?
He said, just have your seat, let me go get you something to eat. While he left. I decided to check things out myself. I was just walking around admiring the environment and checking things out, then I saw an engagement ring with a ribbon on it. My eyes were wide opened in amazement, I couldn’t help it, I almost shouted in Joy but, I close my mouth. I said to myself, the day I have been waiting for all these years has finally come to pass. All the sex I gave are to be rewarded today. Hahaha, I knew it! I know Louis can not do without my sexual Prowess. Woooooow… Tonight, after this proposal, you gonna scream my name! Oh Yes!


I heard Louis coming, so I hurriedly went to seat down Like a queen of the day. He handed over the food he bought for me. He then said, let me reply to your previous question. The occasion for today is marriage proposal. I am proposing to my one and only girlfriend today. (I was happy to hear that, I was just blushing before him. ..smiles).
She will soon be around ,so I wanted you as my very good friend to come and capture this beautiful moment. Smiles..

: Jeez! the food fell off my hands. Louis, is that a Joke?

He replied, why are you upset, I can’t remember asking you out, we are Just best friends nothing much. So chill..

This made me furious again. So, we are just friends?

Why then did you take my virginity?

Why did you have sex with me? You keep turning me left, right and center. Calling me to satisfy you every now and then? I gave you all of me as though we were married, you keep screaming my name as your one and only lover, so what have I not done for you?

He replied: I didn’t have sex with you, I have been with you for 3years without asking for sex, I just see you as my younger one. But, on that night, you raped me. Unfortunately I was charged up and since emotions doesn’t respect blood, I have to do it, to satisfy your request and to calm my nerves. I thought you needed it badly. That’s all.

Oh my God… (I held my chest so tight because it’s like am breathless).

You see, (Louis Continues..), I have studied you all this while, I have seen that you have nothing to offer other than sex. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend, Mary for the past 2years, She stood her ground for SEXUAL PURITY, aside that, she has a FUNCTIONAL BRAIN, A VIRTUOUS WOMAN. She is really a goal getter, she has affected my life positively in so many ways but yours is Just Sex!. What kind of wife will you make? How will you bring up my children with Virtues you don’t have?

I have threatened to leave Mary severally because of no sex, yet she didn’t waver. She is a woman I can trust even if am away. As for you, your sexual urge is now insatiable I can’t trust you. My dear, kindly go and put your life together, amend your ways, SEX DOES NOT EQUATE LOVE.


: I broke down on my knees, I started crying like a baby. Crying at my stupidity. I have been working on assumptions all this while. I thought we were in relationship. I added salt to injury by thinking that Sex will make him to marry me. I have shun other suitors for him.

(I wept Louder with ocean of tears 😭😭😤running down my cheeks.)

While I was still crying, Louis girlfriend walked in,she has been listening to our conversation from outside because we were so talking so loud…


Mary was surprised at the scene we both created. Louis has been lying to her that he has never touched a woman. Mary got angry, called off the engagement and demanded for Louis to undergo HIV/AIDS and other sexual infection test before any other thing. Louis confidently accepted.

I ran out with shame, I was sobbing deeply, I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could I have been so used and dumped? I have been foolish all this while. Am now a porn addict, no more virginity a..nd.. (sobs)
I kept crying with my shoes on my hand while walking bare footed…


Louis and Mary went to the hospital and did all the necessary Test. They waited for the result, when the doctor came back he demanded to see Louis alone, but Mary quickly interrupted that she needs to know the test results as well. Louis obliged and they both went inside.

Then the doctor after much encouragement to both of them, broke the news that Louis is HIV positive. On hearing this, Louis fainted,he was rushed to one of the wards. Mary became confused she was happy that she built the relationship on sexual purity and at the same time she is sad because she is really heart broken. She loved and trusted him so much, now it’s all over.

Mary called me immediately and told me the situation of things, I became scared to the bone because I have done nasty things with him in the bedroom. I was furious, so Louis was having an affair while I was killing myself for him? I rushed to the hospital,fair enough, he has recovered.


“What am I hearing Louis, so you have been a cheater?”

Louis: (managed to gather strength) He said, why did you do this to me? You are the only one I have ever slept with. I have always been careful with sharp objects and other stuff that might lead to blood exchange because of stuff like this. (crying) Now to worsen the whole thing, I have lost Mary, the only girl I ever loved. She is God’s gift to me, why! Why! (cried louder)….sobbing.. I… regretted the day I allowed sex with you. I.. Shuuuoold have kept my purity. I thought I was having free sex, I thought I was a flexing, I never knew I was destroying my own life.

At this point i’m already tasting the salt of my tears, it just flowing like water from the fountain. Mary was Just calm, looking at both of us as we cry our eyes out. I ran out to see the doctor…


I did my test and it came out positive as well. At this time, it’s real, the well of tears in my eyes has dried up. I can’t find tears neither can I hear myself. I am screaming but I can’t hear my voice. I started thinking, how did I get into this mess? Why is all this happening so fast? I.. lost my virginity, became a porn addict, lost the man I love and now HIV? Oh!! (sobbing deeper) PREMARITAL SEX IS REALLY A PAINFUL PLEASURE, IT IS A SWEET VINEGER IT LEAVES ONE HEART BROKEN. Oh had I known I would have kept my purity. While I was still crying, I had a flashback.


I was at home on this fateful day, it was raining heavily, I was cold and lonely. The thoughts of my sexual escapade with Louis begin to run through my mind. I grab my Laptop to visit Porn site as usual just to calm my nerves. While I was watching, so engrossed with passion, my neighbor, Jeff who just returned from Canada came in. I never knew that the volume of my Laptop was so loud that he could hear from his own end. As at the time he came in, he is already aroused, he came close to me, I tried resisting him but I couldn’t because the porn has unleashed fire in my bosom.

I rushed his mouth like a child would rush her mother’s breast. We were engulfed in passion and we made love right there. It was after this I came back to my senses. He is the only one I had sex with outside Louis. Before I could get off my flash back, my phone rang, it was my very close friend. I picked the call, she started crying…


Why are you crying, I managed to ask. She said, some health officials came to her residents that they are creating awareness about HIV as such they are giving free test and free vaccines. She confidently checked her status and it was positive. It was there she told me that whenever am not at home she used to visit Jeff my neighbor and they have been making love. When she saw her test result, she called Jeff ,told him about it. And Jeff said he is aware that he his HIV positive. Someone gave it to him and he is ready to spread it to as many Ladies that won’t close their legs. My phone fell off my hands, I begin to cry again. If only I have closed my legs…

While I was still weeping, Mary came out of the ward. She then encouraged me in the Lord, I rededicated my life to Jesus and promised to serve him with all my heart. Though God forgave and accepted me back, the consequences of my actions still lives with me.

* * * * * * •

: To every Lady out there:

•Sex is not a dowry that guarantee marriage.

•Sex is not a wedding ring.

•Sex doesn’t equate Love

Every Guy out there, premarital sex is not actually free… you either pay spiritually or physically.

•Never assume that, because you are good in bed satisfying his/her sexual urge will make them marry you. BE WISE DON’T BE GULLIBLE.

: * * * * * *

Assumption has made many people to inflict themselves with much pains. That you are closer to the opposite sex doesn’t mean you are in relationships. Louis thought she is just like a sister, while she thought he was a fiance.
Had I know is a bitter experience.


Assumption is false reality. The end of it is always dangerous because when factual reality sets in, you will surely regret your actions. GET YOUR FACT RIGHT..

IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP, It is important for you to:

• Define your relationship

• Ask questions

• Maintain sexual purity


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