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Pleasant (Member)

“Thanks for making so much impact in my life last year.

I await more of the inspiration and impartation this year. God bless you so much for me”

Kings Bride (Member)

“Thank you all for yesterday’s topic and from all your contributions, I actually wasn’t online, just read them today and for real I am refreshed and now I know a lot on relationship.”

Masturbation Crushed -Kingsley, Nigeria. (Member)

“I masturbated for almost three years and I was addicted to it which make it difficult for me to stop in spite the self denial and avoiding of any sexual/porn pictures.

In fact I’ve prayed a lot and even fasted but all to no avail. But to the glory of Almighty I joined BLISSFUL RELATIONSHIP early this year and many times they taught about it and I keep pondering¬† over it and was eager to stop but was really hard and trying to avoid staying alone.

To cut the story short, after series of prayer and self denial to some certain things that may lead me to it, I finally stopped it and it’s almost 6 months now that God has taken glory.

There was no week or even minimum of two times in a day that I will not masturbate. To God be the glory, I have stayed for 6 months now without masturbating.

God alone to be praised!”

Sandra, Lagos. (Member)

Freedom from Lesbianism and Masturbation -Sandra, Lagos

“I was addicted to lesbianism and masturbation. It has eaten me up and I have practiced it for like 4-5 years.

But as God would have his way, I saw Sir Abiodun’s post concerning dating an an unbeliever, then I was curious to know about it. I copied his number and talked to him on Whatsapp.

During those times I was already tired of the lifestyle but there was no one to talk to. He talked about it though I didn’t understand it very well. Then he added me on BLISSFUL RELATIONSHIP group on Whatsapp and I followed strictly.

I learnt a lot and by the grace of God am out of lesbianism and masturbation. Hallelujah!”